Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Blooming things and new life in the garden

Today is the first day in what seems like forever that I had a few moments to get out into the garden. The weeds are coming up fast.

A few of the herb seeds I planted are germinating. Not as many as I hoped, but it has not been very long since I planted them. The lemon grass that I thought was dead has some green in it. So it may return to life soon.

We’ve had some thunderstorms. Given a choice the garden prefers the slightly acidic rain water to the basic city water.

The mountain laurel has its first bloom. The sparkle berry bushes are just beginning to bloom too. They were so badly pruned when we moved here it took a very long time to identify what they were. They are looking almost normal. One more year of careful pruning should do it.

The tiger lilies are also poking up through the dirt. And the grapes are starting to put out leaves. All in all it is starting to look like spring around here.

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