Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Worm castings and herb seeds

Yesterday the rest of the worm castings, 75 lbs total, arrived. So did the herb seed order I put in at Richters.

I spent the morning putting out the worm castings. Use 1 cup per shrub and a 1/2 cup for smaller plants. I also planted and labeled all dozen or so of the herbs I ordered.

Now I’m sitting out on the deck enjoying the sun. The sprinklers are running and the yard smells of earth worm castings. My coffee tastes like soil and things just couldn’t be better.

There is far more frost damage than I realized. I am going to follow the advice and hold off on pruning all of the frost damaged plants with the exception of the heather. I cut that back to the ground each year at this time anyhow. It too was frost damaged. The leaves were falling off like they do off a Christmas tree in January. The waterings this week and fertilizer should help the frost damaged plants to recover.