Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

Sunshine and warm weather

It was sunny and warm outside again today. I took advantage of the warmth and planted the flower seeds that arrived last week. Last spring not one of the seeds I planted sprouted. I think I waited too long and the heat killed them. So perhaps this year I have planted them early enough that I’ll see some of them?

The wildflower seeds I picked up at the Wildflower Festival last fall have mostly sprouted, ~ 70% or so of the varieties. I’m surprised they wintered over as well as they did being so young. They should all flower this spring and re-seed themselves. They are in full sun and a dry area lining the driveway so I’ll be happy with any perennial that takes there and flowers regularly.

The herbs were covered in leaves again, I uncovered them and they seem to be doing ok. The herb seeds I ordered from the catalog haven’t yet shown up, but I just sent out the order last week.

It is still wet near the Mother-in-Law’s Tongues, but I don’t see any fresh damage. They seem to be happy so I am not going to worry about them now. I may move one of them to a shadier drier area in a few weeks.

The rest of the yard is pretty dry, but I think I’ll leave it be for now.

The mocking bird is still guarding the bird feeder as best as he can. I think he and the cat have a deal going. He pitches seed on the ground and Fred hides under the ginger waiting for birds to land on the grass to eat the seed. Luckily Fred’s hunting skills are limited to lizards at the moment. The local birds all seem to know when Fred is around. They vanish when he goes outside and re-appear when he comes inside.

Also the garden cam is up and running as you can see on your left. This part of the garden is heavily shaded and dry, certainly not the most interesting spot here. But it is the view from my office window and you’ll frequently see Fred hamming it up for the camera.