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Worm castings

How ever would we get through January with out all the garden catalogs clogging our mailboxes? More catalogs arrived today and I decided it was time to buy the fertilizer.

I love putting worm castings in the garden. I discovered them totally by accident. I had this house plant that was green and healthy but never grew much. Then all of a sudden it caught up on several years growth in just a few weeks. When I took it down to water it I discovered a caterpillar had made his home in the plant. It’s a wonder he didn’t eat the plant.

Since then I put worm castings in the garden every spring.

I used to get all my natural garden supplies from Garden’s Alive, but had problems with this last order. So I’m not recommending them any more. Here are some companies I found online that also sell worm castings at decent prices. I have not tried any of them. If you try them let me know if you liked dealing with them and I’ll make a note here.

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