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Richter’s herbs

Richter’s Herbs is located in Canada and puts out the best herb catalog I know of. They not only have a fantastic selection of herbs both plants and seeds, but provide a detailed description of uses for the herbs and growing conditions needed.

I’ve been pretty unsuccessful with herb gardening so far down here. It ‘s only been a year but my first two attempts have failed. I had some basil grow and there is rosemary I transplanted from one of those tree forms they sell at the holidays but all else croaked in the Texas sun.

I found several seeds to order from Richter’s that are zoned for this climate:
lemon basil
lime basil
bay laurel
mauve chives
sweet marjoram
greek oregano
garden sage
red yarrow

I’ll put the order in the first of the month and we’ll try again when the seeds arrive.

The Woodland’s Garden Club has a nice chart of information on herbs to grow in Houston