Herself's Houston Garden

Conservation through cultivation

New beds

Little by little the lawn is giving way to beds of shrubs, flowers, herbs and vegetables. When those warm days sneak into our winter down here, I sneak out in the yard do a bit of expanding. There are not many other things that can be down outside in the garden right now.

I’ve been loosening the soil, yanking the grass, spraying the dirt with round up, then lining it with rocks and dumping several inches of new dirt on top.

A friend pointed out it’d be much simpler to lay down a couple of sheets of newspaper over the grass, line the area with rocks and put the new dirt on top of the newspaper.

Now I have a practical use for the free newspapers that appear in my driveway each week instead of just walking them to the recycling bin. It should be much easier on these old knees as well.

I’ve since removed about 3000 square feet of lawn. The best method by far is with newspapers. I spray the grass with RoundUp, though I’m told that is not necessary. I then cover the grass with opened out lawn and leaf bags or several layers of overlapping newspaper. About 3-6 sheets and not the glossy paper. Then we covered the paper with 3″ or so of dirt, followed by a couple of inches of mulch. No more lawn and I didn’t have to dig all the grass up to do it.