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Conservation through cultivation

Ice Storm

Houston just had what I’m told is its first ice storm in ten years. Since I’m still new to Houston gardening I wasn’t too sure about prep stuff. I have covered the more delicate tropicals with trash bags. I’m not sure how much that helps but it will keep the plant together and the branches/leaves from bending over and breaking. I don’t know that it keeps the plant warmer?

Next time I’ll have to remember to tie up or wrap in burlap the oleander it looks most unhappy this morning. The branches are very soft so I’m hoping it’ll just bounce back like a pine once the ice melts.

* I’ve since learned that you want to cover your plants with a sheet or blanket, then cover with plastic. If the plastic is touching the plant it will get frost burns in those locations. Or use some stakes to keep the plastic from directly touching the plant.

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